Introduction to ASAP Engagement® for Business

(Advanced Solutions for Activating Passionate Engagement)


Passion is the basis of success in any area of life. In business and work, knowing what you love and what gets you excited makes the difference between work you love and work you don’t.

You will discover how your company is committed to providing its unique contribution and in helping you understand the connection between what you love and care about, and the passions that drives your company as a whole.


During this training, you will:

  • Gain clarity of your Company’s Unique Contribution and Company Passions. You will go through The Passion Test process, based on the NY Times bestselling book by Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood, and discover your Company Passions. Then you’ll dive deeper to find out why those things are so important to you; your company’s “WHY or Unique Contribution”.


  • Learn the Secret that Guarantees a Passionate Life. This is the critical key. When you practice this secret, in your own life, and with every significant decision you make in your company, you will start living a life on fire, and your company will be a fun, exciting, stimulating place to work.


  • Determine Where You Stand Now in Living Your Company Passions. You’ll learn a simple process to assess the extent to which you are currently living your Passions, and which ones may need more of your attention.


  • Learn to create measurable and observable results. You will have a clearer vision of what it takes to move forward and start to see those results in ways you never thought possible.


  • Understand How to Use Nature’s Guidance System to Always Guide You in the Direction of Your Life’s Purpose. You will learn how to listen to the guidance that is always available to you so you always know what will lead you in the direction of your passions in any situation.


  • Create an Action Plan Specific to your company’s needs that create results that last. The most profound shift will be in the actions you take AFTER you take The Passion Test for Business; to support the total growth and welfare of your company. You will see a clear direction to go to increase fulfillment AND ultimately in the profits your company can make.


Let Me Guide You to Clarity and Success


You are creating a company that has a unique purpose and we are committed to supporting you in fulfilling your passions and purpose.


Complimentary Session

Contact me to arrange your complementary 30-minute Clarity to Success session to see how we can work together.