As a recent college graduate, I needed clarity in my life. Graduating college was more disorienting than I anticipated; I started my next chapter confused and on an uncharted course. Then Julia Donnelly came into my life. In six short months all areas of my life — career, finances, fitness, romance — have benefited from life coach lessons. Under the guidance of Julia Donnelly, I live a rich life. It is that amazing, and it is that simple.

— Georgette Flanagan


Julia and Linda helped me overcome the overwhelm by teaching me the best way to begin a project, how to break down the tasks, plus how to work out a realistic schedule for a successful completion. They are so easy to work with and an invaluable resource. 

Nancy Fields, Website and Graphic Designer


Anyone can read questions off a page but Julia added a much higher value to the process. She was easily able to help me move forward when I got "stuck" at certain spots, without putting words in my mouth. She's great at coaching the test taker to elicit ideas and thoughts without it seeming forced at all. Well done.

— Laura Chadbourne, Portfolio Director


I was skeptical at first. My workplace has a vibe of “they discover you, you can’t open doors.” I have wanted to progress in my role for a while, and have felt relatively unnoticed. In working with Julia, I discovered that I alone pave my own path, and that nothing goes unnoticed if I can have the right charge behind me. Completing the exercises, and developing a mental awareness around my actions and needs, opened my eyes to the possibilities, and how to navigate to get to where I want to go. This program is ideal for the motivated person that is lost in the forest. I would highly recommend.

— Shawna Graff


The passion test really helped me to listen to my heart and needs as opposed to my mind. Julia helped to incorporate stress-free methods to internally searching my dreams and desires to help me focus on achieving my goals.  Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  Some bring light and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.  Thank you Julia.

— Louise O’Donnell, Entrepreneur



Complimentary Session

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